MICOOL-A (New Generation Cold Induced Lipolysis)

MICOOL-A; is one of the new generation noninvasive “regional thinning” methods. Unwanted regional fats are one of the most important problems of today’s people. MICOOL-A offers us an alternative treatment option for “regional problems” but especially for those patients who can not pay full attention to physical activity and nutrition, travels by car every time, is a white-collar worker and has high socio-cultural level and who are looking for “needless and painless” method to preserve their ideal weight.

What Kind of a Treatment is MICOOL-A?

Micool-A; is a lipolysis method which offers regional efficiency and let the fat cells to shrink in volume by dysfunctioning them by freezing. In fact, it is a commonly known fact that fat cells activate programmed cell death (apoptosis) which is also referred as “cold-welded panniculitis” when they are exposed to cold. In this system, the problematic regional fat tissue is gradually cooled (to -10 degrees) with a controlled cooling system with a special hand tool (vacuum). Apoptosis (programmed cell death) of fat deposits are ensured and fat cell function is reduced and lost while waiting for one hour in this manner. Fat cells killed by freezing are naturally thrown out from the body through the lymph circulation. The application is a completely noninvasive, non-surgical procedure. Also, the system protects the upper layer of the skin and cold energy only crystallizes fat cells without damaging other cells.

Where to Apply MICOOL-A? What Is the Number and Period of the Sessions? When Can the Effects Be Achieved?

It can be applied to the abdomen, upper and lower abdomen, waist, hip, leg, upper knee, inside of the knee, arms, and back. If there are weight problems in more than one area, it needs to be applied separately to those areas. The amount of the sessions and areas need to be determined with the doctor’s examination. An average of 1 to 2 sessions are required for each area. It is possible to work on two different areas on each session. The session intervals are 6-8 weeks. The session duration is 45-60 minutes. The noticeable thinning period and the efficacy stars after 15-20 days but the main efficacy can be seen an average of 90 days.

Can MICOOL-A Be Supported with Other Treatment Methods? Is a Special Diet Needed?

It can be combined with MLS, Lipotherapy, Smasthera Body, Pressotherapy, Alidya and so on which your doctor may suggest. It is proven in clinical observations that supporting it with a special nutrition program enhance the efficiency.

Is There Any Pain or Painkiller in MICOOL-A Treatment? What Is the Time to Return Daily Life?

The process is completely noninvasive. No needles or similar tools are used. No anesthesia or painkiller is required. It is a pain-free application which does not require any healing period. The patient can continue to her daily life after the application.

To Whom the MICOOL-A Treatment Can’t Be Applied?

Micool-A can’t be applied to patients with cryoglobulinemia, Raynaud Syndrome, and pregnant women.

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