GCELL (Autologous Tissue Suspension Technology)

GCELL (Autologous Tissue Suspension Technology); Hair loss is one of the biggest problems of all men in women men. Many reasons can cause hair loss. Malnutrition, iron and zinc deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, emotional stress, traction (excessive blowing, tight hair collection habit, helmet and helmet use), chronic diseases, sepsis, autoim... More


H-100 (Antiaging)

It is a Cosmeceutical composed mainly of hyaluronic acid.Hyaluronic acid is mainly responsible for preserving water levels in the skin, exerting a lasting physiological effect. It increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, maintaining the fibers that support the tissues. This Worlddermic treatment is also composedby the Pro-Co... More

Botulinum Toxin Application

WHAT is Botulinum Toxin? It is a medicinal protein obtained from a bacteria named "Clostridium botulinum". The Botulinum Toxin is considered a non-surgical cosmetic product which is used in the treatment of average and deep wrinkles. HOW DOES IT WORK? The causes of wrinkles are the contraction of the thin muscles under the skin. The ... More

Dermal Fillers

The aging skin will experience collagen and fat loss which leads to sags, collapses, and wrinkles. These lost structures can be replaced by using fillers and thus, younger and healthier appearance can be achieved. In fact, "hyaluronic acid" used as a filler is a natural material found in all living creatures. WHERE ARE THE FILLERS USED? ... More

Face Lifting with Golden Thread

It is an inevitable situation for our skin to not beaten by the passing years! Sagging and loosening will occur in our body but especially in the face and neck region as the time passes. The main reason for this is, collagen and elastin fibers are not as tense as they were. HISTORY OF THREAD USAGE IN AESTHETICS We know that WOOL THREADS ... More