GCELL (Autologous Tissue Suspension Technology)

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GCELL (Autologous Tissue Suspension Technology); Hair loss is one of the biggest problems of all men in women men. Many reasons can cause hair loss. Malnutrition, iron and zinc deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, emotional stress, traction (excessive blowing, tight hair collection habit, helmet and helmet use), chronic diseases, sepsis, autoimmune and systemic disease states, cancer and so on. as…

In particular, GCELL can be defined as an effective method in patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA). The use of GCELL should be evaluated after the completion of treatments for other hair loss causes.

With the effect of DHT, which is seen as the most powerful of androgens, hair follicles are miniaturized by passing to telogen phase and alopecia is seen. The hair follicles in AGA are miniaturized with the effect of DHT, which is considered to be the most potent androgen, with thinner and shorter hairs with anagen phase shortening. The telogen phase is prolonged, delaying regeneration. Hair loss increases and fine hair that does not reach enough length cannot reach the surface of the scalp.

How to make GCELL?

It can be done easily and quickly in the clinical environment. Tissue samples taken from 3mm punch biopsy pen from the hair tissue are provided with a special filtration device and a process containing the separation and homogenization steps lasting for approximately 5 minutes. Depending on the total application indication, intradermal application is applied to the problem area within 30 minutes.

How many sessions and effects does the GCELL App begin and what is the duration of retention?

The Gcell app is a one-session application. The injected ikül Autologous Tissue Suspension süre begins to take effect on the average of 1 month depending on the medical development process of the hair follicle. The duration of retention is average 6 years depending on the person-based life process and all kinds of illness, stress etc. affecting the person.

Does the GCELL application have any other application than hair treatment?

Antiaging can be applied to the skin by applying the skin to the skin in the skin rejuvenation as well as wound healing, can be used in the treatment of scar tissue. Also available in many areas such as Orthopedics, Dentistry, Urology. The most important point in the treatment is to obtain a punch biopsy from the healthy area of the tissue and to provide the un autologous tissue suspension nokta olan by filtering the cells of the tissue.

For example; hair tissue such as hair, skin, skin tissue, cartilage tissue, such as udan

The principle of operation is purely for ’’ therapeutic ‘‘ effect.

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